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Table 1: Energy equivalence

Table 2: Comparative nopal, wind and photovoltaic energy

Table 3: Comparative table of biogas processes of nopal v/s manure of pork and cow





Why use nopal ?.


The cactus has excellent molecular characteristics which allows to deliver a large amount of biogas in a very short time, in comparative terms for the same volume of biogas nopal degrades 5-10 times faster than animal manure, it allows a single computer is 5 to 10 times more productive. Also it not produces hydrogen sulfide which when burned in contact with air becomes sulfur oxides.


What is the yield per hectare?


Cactus is an extraordinary plant with a modern irrigation, two or three crops per year, can deliver continuously from 800 to 1,200 tons of biomass / year, in terms of energy equivalent to 35 kw / ha x 24 hx 365 days.


What is the cost of a standard project?


Assuming there is water and the land is suitable for development of nopal. For a project of 1 MW has cost some US1.500.000 including plantations, equipment, etc. facilities assessment, the payback assuming a value of power sale dollars US80 / MWh would be within 2 years. 



Table biogas energy compared with cactus





Advantages of cactus


  • Continuous power generation 24 X 365 days.

  • Production of biogas and electricity.

  • No sulfur oxides or particulate.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Overall plant efficiency 80-90%

  • Generates soil, organic fertilizers.

  • Change the microclimate retaining water in the soil.

  • Extracts carbon dioxide atmosphere.

  • Lifespan 20 years.

  • Allows the sale of carbon credits.

  • Totally organic process

  • Fast implementation of project

  • Generates permanent jobs for sowing harvest, and process plants.

  • Allows the opening of new markets to be considered a green company that cares.










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