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Table 2: Comparative nopal, wind and photovoltaic energy



Nopal energy

Wind energy

Photovoltaic energy


Continuous 24 X 365 days

Irregular depending on the time of the day.

Irregular depending on the time of the day.


Under the conditions of operation, every two years painting. Shortage of personnel

Bass, very few staff in normal conditions

Bass, very few staff in normal conditions

Fault maintenance

Fast, low -cost. Average staff

Highly qualified with major failures, slow and costly repairs.

Highly qualified with major failures, slow and costly repairs.

Type of generated energy

Electric, biogas, thermal (hot water)



Power generation efficiency

80-90 %

30% of the installed capacity in land.

10-20% depending on the cost of cell

Duration of equipment and installations

15-20 years

20 years

10 years

Environmental benefit

It generates soil, organic fertilizers. Change the microclimate to retain water the soil. Remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It allows the sale of carbon credits. Completely organic process

It does not emit carbon dioxide. Neutral effect on the environment.

It does not generate carbon dioxide.

Environmental damage


High-impact on migratory routes of birds, noisy energy production because of the blades to the rotal.

Construction of cells and batteries is highly polluting

Availability of spare parts

Available in domestic market immediately.

They must be imported

They must be imported with the importer and distributor unit.

Time of study and implementation of project

Short, 1 year

Long, 8 years minimum to study winds

Short 1 year.

Social benefit

Generates permanent jobs for planting, harvest and process plants.

It generates jobs in the mounting of equipment.

It requires little maintenance and personnel. Applicable to small scale in marginal sectors.

Positive externalities

Culturally the cultivation of the nopal is accepted and promoted by institutions of the State. Allow the opening of new markets being considered to be a green company that cares for the environment.

Known and implemented on a global basis technology

Attractive and widely known technology, widely positive image for their implementation.

Negative externalities

Few built plants in the world, unknown.

The money comes from the country to the factories in Europe mainly. The money is not invested in local human and   technological resources

The batteries generate polluting toxic. The teams are fragile to impacts and damage. The money is not invested in local human and technological resources.

Installation installed KWh cost

US1400 / KW not include income for by-products


US2.500 /KW

Return on investment

1 to 2 years

5-8 years

12-15 years








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