Cactus Green Biofuel

Padre Mariano 391 of 704

Providencia. Santiago, Chile

F: 569 9087 9728


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It studies year 1984 at the Universidad de Chile (Contreras and Toha) discovered by accident the nopal fermented in anaerobic conditions produces gas volumes significantly.

In 2000, Mr. Rodrigo Wayland (food engineer) prepares his thesis and finds this information which applies in the treatment of waste from the insect Carmine cochineal feeds on the wise of the prickly and which gets the carmine red dye. Thus the first biogas plant is built with prickly worldwide to produce electrical energy.

Various plants are built in the next decade until 2010 made first exploration in Mexico country in which the nopal is represented in its homeland, the flag symbol.






Padre Mariano 391 Of 704, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

56 9 9087 9728





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