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– In the first studies carried out in 1984 at the University of Chile (Contreras and Toha) it was discovered by accident that the nopal when fermenting in anaerobic conditions produces gas volumes in an important way.
– Year 2000 developing an undergraduate thesis is constructed in the town of Cutún in the interior of the Elqui Valley, Chile, the first commercial biodigestor (100 m3) for the production of electricity and gas using prickly pear cactus, the fuel is used in the drying of the carmine cochineal, insect associated with the production of natural dyes which feeds on the cactus. Engineer in charge of project Rodrigo Wayland M.
– In the year 2008, invited by local companies in Mexico, Mr. Rodrigo Wayland travels to this country to provide advice on the process and production of energy with cactus. laying the foundation for the first project in the vicinity of Zacatecas.
– At the end of 2008 the interest in developing this technology wakes up building a new project in Michoacan, offering advice in saltillo, hot springs and other places in Mexico.
In 2010 we built a nopal biogas plant in Michoacan which is currently in operation and has been visited from student to engineers.

In the last decade we have promoted and developed projects in private companies in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Spain, Angola, South Africa, Botswana, India and others.

Eng. Rodrigo Wayland Morales

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