Cactus Green Biofuel

Padre Mariano 391 of 704

Providencia. Santiago, Chile

F: 569 9087 9728


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· Project evaluation

· Site visits.

· Planting nopales

· Crop Nutrition

· Selecting high performance nopales.

· Design and construction of biogas plants with nopales

· Staff training for process plant operation and power generation.

· Technical advice nopales production and power generation.

· Training, equipment installations, purifiers, compressors, anaerobic reactors, waste water treatment.

· Commissioning of projects.

· Power plants, installation of generators.

· Project support.

· Special applications of biogas cactus.

· Facilities in boilers, process lines, replacement of natural gas and LPG.


Biogas power generator 






Padre Mariano 391 Of 704, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

56 9 9087 9728





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