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Nowadays there is a structural change in the global energy matrix, the world has become aware of environmental problems and the oil is running out. Although there are unexploded energy sources, their cost of extraction is so high that their extraction is not feasible.

Biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel are only profitable to the extent that subsidies exist for their use or production, not constituting a real alternative for the current replacement of oil.

The production of cactus biomass has not been considered as a solution crop ........ until now.

Crops such as the cactus, in high yield deliver more biomass per hectare than any other crop, are a low-requirement crop that can be implemented in areas such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, and others in conflict as an alternative to generate wealth for the fed animal and for the production of energy.

The world is reaching its limit in the amount of food that the seas and customary crops can generate, the available areas are deserts in which there have been no profitable technologies or crops to implement, along with the limited water available, are very few crops that resist these conditions.

Although the cactus production is a cultivation of arid zones by excellence, the developed varieties allow us to plant in areas of high rainfall as 1,200 mm per year and temperatures from -15 ° C to 40 ° C.

The production of large-scale nopales not only produces energy at low cost, it allows for reforestation, carbon dioxide fixation, as well as being environmentally sustainable and from the social point of view, poor peasants are incorporated into the virtuous cycle of productive generation.



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