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Establish energy farms for the production of biogas and electricity with cactus. (opuntia)

Elqui Global Energy has been advising the public and private companies present in South Africa, Colombia, Argentina, India, Spain, Chile and Mexico with developed or developing projects.

Cactus biogas represents an alternative for countries in arid areas where other crops are not possible. Ideal raw material for bioenergy projects in marginal areas


 Alternatives for using nopal (Cactus)



Adventages of cactus


v  Continuous power generation 24 X 365 days.

v  Production of biogas and electricity.

v  No sulfur oxides or particulate.

v  Low maintenance.

v  Overall plant efficiency 80-90%

v  Generates soilorganic fertilizers.

v  Change the microclimate retaining water in the soil.

v  Extracts carbon dioxide atmosphere.

v  Lifespan 20 years.

v  Allows the sale of carbon credits.

v  Totally organic process

v  Fast implementation of project

v  Generates permanent jobs for sowing harvest, and process plants.

v  Allows the opening of new markets to be considered a green company that cares.


We work internationally, in projects in countries such as South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Angola and India. We have more than 20 years of experience in cactus biogas and project development.

We go to underdeveloped countries, generating clean, renewable energy, recovering soils, permanent jobs, taking care of the environment with neutral carbon balance.

Our business model is to produce wealth in the countries where we intervene, using local resources, we adapt to the client, we use our own technology to provide our clients with economic prices that are adaptable to their reality. Our projects are of high impact



Nopal an exceptional biofuel  Download

Nopal Cactus as Biomass for Alternative Energy  Download

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