Biogas from cactus, pig and cow manure

Biogas can have two origins that fulfill different functions.

Waste treatment

In this case, the manure and organic waste from animal husbandry is recycled to obtain energy and reduce the costs of the process or for sanitary reasons of cleaning the floors. In farms where animals are raised, an excess of nitrogen is produced which saturates the soils contaminating groundwater, for this reason solutions such as anaerobic fermentation are sought to reduce the load and comply with environmental regulations, this is very frequent in Germany where the state subsidizes plants to process biogas.

Biomass crops.

In this case nopal, cactus is used, which allows to produce biomass in large volumes with a stable composition, without contaminants and is fully usable. It should be noted that the processing of this cactus does not generate odors and maintains an adequate nitrogen balance in the soil, recovering its productivity.