Carbon credits and cactus

The use of cacti in intensive plantations to obtain carbon credits poses a great business opportunity. 1,000 hectare crop in arid areas allows reforestation, carbon fixation and the emission of large amounts of oxygen, and is also a brake on forest fires.

The implementation requires drip irrigation and minimal maintenance. Planting densities of 25,000-35,000 plants is perfectly possible and profitable. As a second alternative, the nopal can always be used for energy through fermentation.

The annual fixation of carbon dioxide using nopal crops is 250 tons / hectares / year. At a value of 33 euros / ton. (January 31, 2021)We can obtain US10,000 (8,250 EUROS) / hectare, at a production cost of US3,000 / hectare / year. for general maintenance. And the price keeps going up.