Use of cactus and vermiculture in animal feed

Producing cacti as biomass can be a big business.

First, the red worms are fed with cactus (nopal), this allows transforming this plant material into a better quality meat product.

One hectare of cactus allows to harvest 1000 tons of biomass / year.

The earthworm has a high reproduction rate which leads us to multiply its number and biomass rapidly.

The numbers

One hectare of cactus delivers 1,000 tons of fresh biomass

35% of this biomass is consumed in the metabolism of the earthworm and is transformed into C02

35% transform into worms

30% corresponds to Humus that is used as a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content.

The worms, once processed, dehydrated, passed through a sieve, are transformed into flour, which contains 64% animal protein and its composition is similar to fishmeal.

You basically get 3.5% flour and 3.5% dry base hummus. There are 35 tons of flour and 35 tons of humus.

The cost of processing does not exceed $ 5,000 / hectare.

The value of flour is $ 1,000 / ton, humus to retailers is similar to $ 1,000.

With this we have a gross income of $ 70,000 / hectare

With a net income of US65,000 / hectare

Cactus is an uncontaminated raw material, of excellent quality, it does not produce odor in flour or humus.

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